miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Annuminas stuff.

One of the things that I like about Evendim... wit.. it´s easier if I start with: The only thing that I truly hate about Evendim is the lake, but Turbine had that in mind when they realize how this zone was gonna be and they decided to be more diligent and friendly with the players, giving us the Arnorian coins and the Evendim set that you could earn with those coins.

Champion´s set, called something like "Whatever from the Northern star".. or just maybe "Northern Star" is the most awesome looking one of all sets, maybe after that one, all the plate and then the rest. for the bright side, I´m getting it with Serendis and it´s gonna be great since she doesnt have heavy armor good looking set,only medium or somehow scale armor (Which is LotR mithology is more than perfect).

Inthe not so bright side, Vhaleria is gonna have that same armor design that she always have in the game, same stretch armor with leather, some little points of metal and possibly a ugly helmet... And a awesome spear when I hit lvl 40 and Kindred with the Wardens. How do I know that? Well, yesterday I delivered the Brigand rep item to them and I saw the spear and the set very quickly and was so quickly that I mixed up the stats of the spear with who knows what and my first tought was "Man.. whata waste of silver this spear" and with the armor was even more faster...

Today I woke up, as my usual time to play a bit Lotro and post something and then I fall asleep again and I woke up again, and fall asleep again, and finally wopke up... and here I am. I had the chance to go fast in Lotro but due the hour I couldnt do too much, so I decide (Since yesterday I hitted lvl 33 WOOT!) go and deliver the black bagdes and the Numenorian rings (If that it´s their name) rep item that I have with me and get some extra experience points. and I took a look to the armor sets and the spear again.

This is a green named set... which I dont know why they sell it with Arnorian coins. I mean, who is gonna buy it? Save those bronze Arnorian coins and make them Silver Arnorian coins and get the purple named armor! at least looks... maybe a bit better.

Green set... kinda "meh"

the three pieces from the vendor of the purple set... looks better.

Yes, the vendor only has three pieces of that armor, forcing you (if you want, of course) to complete the quests from the zone to gather the other two pieces or three. Shoulders, boots and maybe helmet, can´t be sure, I haven´t seen the helmet yet somewhere.

And in the other hand... for Silver coins but a rep status of Kindred.....

The holy-cow spear of doom! THIS is a spear...
not the tooth-stick that I have now...
Yes, the desing of the tooth-stick that I have right now is the same that the Arnorian coins spears has, a tiny, tiny, tiny, spear... even my javelyn looks deadliest aside my spear...

What intrigues me is the stats... Maybe they are not so high...
For a lvl 40, because yes, you need to be lvl 40 in order to get it. Maybe if you are a dungeon runner it´s easier for you to get more and greatest weapons, but as what it is left to me, I´m quite far from it. And this spears looks like a great option in some levels when crafting is pretty far away from helping me.

Well, time´s up and now I´m running a bit late :) Good luck in your adventures my friends and have a great time! good hunting as well!

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